a CSA for the

home gardener

exciting varieties

lovingly grown seedlings

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A CSA just for home gardeners. We offer healthy seedlings grown with all natural and sustainable methods and materials.

Our plants are thoughtfully curated into collections that are accessible for all experience levels and for the whole family.

Periodic Zoom Q & A sessions to help with ideas for planning, preparing your beds, planting techniques, trouble-shooting.

Our garden collections have limited availability. The first live tutorial is planned for April 7th! Order now for an invitation.

Are you a new gardener, overwhelmed by this new world of seeds, varieties, and how-to videos?

Allow us to usher you into this beautiful world of vegetable gardening by giving you access to easier varieties, pre-planned garden collections, and Q&A sessions with experienced organic growers.

Are you a gardener who is tired of the same boring pot-bound garden-center varieties?

Let us spark your imagination with our tried-and-true favorites. We choose varieties that have proven to work in our southern New England climate, many of which are heirlooms, and varieties that are extra productive, delicious, and healthy. We always grow organically, source our seeds locally when possible, and make sure your plants are of the highest quality.

Pick up your orders at convenient locations in New Haven and Litchfield counties. The Spring Collection will be ready in late April. The Summer Collections will be ready in late May.

what we’re doing now…

Take a look at the Spring Plant Collection! Pick up is scheduled for April 24th. Orders close soon!
Spring Collection plants like to be put in the ground when it's …
Garden site and preparation
It's time to prepare your garden! It's a good idea to prepare …

Who We Are

A mother-daughter team who love plants and want you to have the best varieties, organically grown for your home garden.

Curated collections

Plan your garden how you want it! Choose from our themed garden beds to create your perfect space.

Q&A and full support

Not only will we grow your seedlings to the most beautiful quality but you’ll have the support of a Master Gardener as you prep, maintain and harvest your garden.

Not sure what collection is right for you? See our FAQs